How to setup and ignite Otto’s O.F.B.?

Julia Wege -

These short videos explain the steps how to setup and ignite the O.F.B.:




Setup (Europe and US):


1: Remove the valve cap from the gas cylinder and unscrew the cap

2: Attach the gas pressure valve by tightening the nut securely counterclockwise

3: Slide the kink protector to the other end of the hose which will attach to the O.F.B.

4: Attach the gas hose to the O.F.B. and tighten the nut firmly by securing it counterclockwise

5: Push the kink protector all the way to the wall of the O.F.B. Then, attach the cotter pin into the two holes to secure its position


1: Hook up the US gas adapter by turning it clockwise

2: Firmly attach the gas hose to the Otto Grill by turning it counterclockwise.



1: Open the gas valve by turning the knob counterclockwise

2: Pull out the heat shield of the O.F.B.

3: Turn the heat regulator to the big flame symbol

4: Push it down for 3 seconds and while pushing it down, press the ignite button for 5 seconds. Do this for both sides.

Check if the burner is lit by looking into the front opening of your O.F.B, keeping a minimum distance of 12 inches / 30 cm. If ignition was successful, a lightly blue aura will be under the lit burner.


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