On what table material can I place Otto’s O.F.B.?

Julia Wege -

Combustible materials should never be within 24 inches (60 cm) of the back or sides of your Otto Wilde Grillers® gas barbecue.

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    Elmar Patzig

    Regular table suitable?

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    James C. Freudenburg

    I have the same question! Can it be placed on a wooden picnic table, for instance? Is anyone monitoring these questions?

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    Julia Wege
    The O.F.B. can stand on a normal wooden table or stainless steel table. 
    The outside of the material of the grill will be about as warm as the outside of a pan on the stove!

    The 900 °C are concentrated directly below the infrared burner.
    The extendable fender additionally protects the furniture against grease splashes and also for heat.


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